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Understanding the challenge

Helping customers understand the benefits of real-time tracking.

Iiwari’s Real Time Location System allows you to understand the real-time movement of assets, equipment and people in any indoor location to truly optimise operational efficiency.

The challenge was to communicate not only what their technology is capable of but the almost limitless number of ways it can be used across a multitude of industry sectors.

The challenge.

Our challenge was to communicate the technology and benefits to key sector customers and establish Iiwari as the go-to provider of indoor location technology for industries with very different needs. The business was well recognised for use in certain environments already but lacked traction in other markets that it is equally well suited to support.

The huge number of ways in which their technology can be applied means a wide variety of customers had to be considered in their communication strategy and that content relevant for one audience would be completely irrelevant and off-putting for another. Iiwari needed a platform and go to market strategy that solved this problem and guided customers to the content that best suited their individual needs in order to drive an increase in relevant enquiries.

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User centric approach.

The reality is that Iwari’s technology is sector agnostic. Any industry that needs to locate or monitor the real time location of people or assets of any kind can benefit from the technology and analytics they provide. Our challenge was to first establish which sectors they wanted to target and the value they provide for organizations in each of those categories.

By taking a user centric approach to designing the new website and content and strategy that supported it we could ensure that each key customer category was well catered for. The company branding was also adjusted in order to ensure it didn't support any one category more than others.

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A lead generation strategy leveraging SEO, paid search, social and display advertising to target and re-engage prospects was put in place to specifically target prospects across their key markets. The increased traffic, conversions, and industry recognition have helped establish Iiwari as a leader in their market and set the company up for continued growth and success.


Increase in organic visibility.


Increase in organic traffic.


Increase in conversation rate.
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We were delighted with the website that Complete designed and developed for us. As well as looking fresh and innovative, it was built with lead generation in mind and performs fantastically. I would highly recommend their services."

Kaarina Päivinen, Marketing Manager, Iiwari

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